Can We Talk?

Can We Talk? is an event series providing space for honest, respectful discussions that challenge stereotypes and uncover shared truths. Together, we’ll navigate difficult conversations and find common ground. Attendance is free, and we invite anyone who wishes to engage in a respectful, albeit challenging dialogue. RSVP to save your spot at our next event.

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Clergy Dialogue

Monthly interfaith gatherings with faith leaders from diverse traditions who come together to promote understanding, provide solace, and create a safe space for discussing differences.

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Emerging Leaders

Exclusive gatherings with Silver Medallion recipients, offering young professionals a rare chance for genuine conversations and personal mentorship.

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Headliner Breakfast

A commemorative event that awards and recognizes media professionals who magnify issues of bias and discrimination. They epitomize our objective through their impactful storytelling about individuals and communities striving for a unified society.

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A six-day immersive program where high school students across the region unite to engage in activities that stimulate diversity dialogue and cultivate lifelong relationships.

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Humanitarian Dinner

Discover the heart of Miami’s vibrant community at Mosaic Miami’s annual Humanitarian Dinner. Join us in celebrating the achievements of Silver Medallion recipients and honoring those who champion diversity, inclusivity, and community welfare. Together, can help support our journey towards a more united and equitable society.

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