“Dear MCCJ Family,

As soon as I was home, something in my heart and my mind told me to get my laptop and write a letter of appreciation, because I feel I had not thanked you guys enough for all you had done for every single delegate and one another.

One week before MetroTown, I began to have a weird feeling, I felt iffy about whether I had made the right decision in applying. The first day, I was quite uneasy because I felt I would be made fun of because of my religion, as I had been back in high school. This.. was not the case in ANY SINGLE WAY. This program is truly a safehaven for everyone, black or white, LGBTQQ society, immigrations, anyone and I developed such a strong love for each and every one of you. I believe this was fairly evident in how much I had revealed and how much I had cried the last few days, who says that men do not cry?

One week.. One week is all it takes to develop everlasting friendship. One week is all it takes to feel comfortable amongst once strangers, but now my brothers and sisters. I can proudly say that it has been a pleasure in getting to know you and I feel so inspired when I stand in front of you all, I gained confidence and I assure that I will stand up and make a difference.

I, , hereby pledge to stand up for change in the fight for religious/gender/sexual orientation/cultural equality starting from small steps but progressing into something much greater with the assistance of colleagues I have made over this one beautiful week. I have the full intention of ensuring that not one person feels discrimintation and I am positive that with the assistance of the public, we can ensure this reality.

You all have highlighted my purpose. When I first came to MCCJ MetroTown, I thought that I’m straight, I don’t care for others. My eyes widened and I felt humiliation of my ignorance, but I now see that after so many people have shared their personal stories, I have to be involved in making a change. Give me time and support and I will better the world.

And for this, I thank you for being who you are and for letting me be who I am, a proud Muslim boy who has a positive outlook on the world even when there is so much negativity. Thank you for acknowleding and giving me the opportunity to educate you. This is the end of camp MetroTown and it has been OUTSTANDING, but this is just the beginning of our journey, and I hope to be in constant communication with all of you. I also intend on becoming a Peer Counselor and to see some of you once more and make a difference.

Hugs and Love,

Me, 2015″

“I am forever grateful for what (MetroTown) has instilled in me. I am now actively involved in stopping bullying. I am truly proud of myself because this program has made me a stronger leader.” – MetroTown Delegate, 2012

“My life was greatly impacted by Metro Town…acceptance was stressed the most. We got to dig in deeper to ourselves and we made a bond with one another that will never be broken. I now can step out of my shoes and walk the distance in another pair. Metro town gave me a light; it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one standing anymore.” – MetroTown Delegate, 2012


“MetroTown was unforgettable, life-changing, and had a profound impact on me and many other delegates…. One delegate was able to combat an emotional home life situation because MetroTown gave them the strength to speak out clearly and respectfully. One delegate said that MetroTown gave them the opportunity to learn about other beliefs and cultures which provided new views to them and helped obliterate stereotypes… They gained confidence and have been given the power to relinquish prejudice towards different people. I pledged to follow my heart, speak with a powerful voice, and listen with an open mind. Undoubtedly, I am changed, I am loved, I am beautiful, and I am me.”—MetroTown Delegate, 2012